Lavatory Information

Bootz offers the ultimate in plumbing fixture quality and craftsmanship. Each lavatory is designed and manufactured to add luxury and beauty to your home. All Bootz lavatories begin with a strong steel substrate, finished with elegant acid-resistant high-gloss sanitary porcelain, and are available in a variety of popular colors. Standard lavatory features include:

  • All Bootz lavatories high-gloss colors are intended to match and compliment other Bootz products.
  • Timeless round and oval shapes are available with or without sculpted soap dish depressions.
  • Bootz lavatories include bracket/stud mounting kit used to secure lavatory to counter top (except flat-rim and under-mount models).
  • Bootz lavatories are available with traditional 'bracket' or more conveniently installed 'stud' mounting features.
  • All Bootz lavatories include bonded rust-proof plastic overflow, unless special-ordered without.
  • Rim styles are available for retro-replacement, convenient self-rimming, and upscale under-mount applications:
    • Flat-rim is a legacy/retro/replacement style - requires stainless steel "Hudee" trim/mount ring (not included)
    • Self-rimming is a modern style for laminate counter tops - doesn't require "Hudee" ring
    • Under-mount is an upscale style for use with solid counter tops - requires under-mount kit (not included).
      (Under-mount kits available from solid counter supplier, home improvement stores, and Bootz - at additional cost.)
  • Bootz lavatories feature flat center set 3-hole industry standard faucet mounting deck (except under-mount models).
  • The most-popular models are available in contractor-friendly 6-pack quantity package.
  • All Bootz lavatories are MADE in USA at our state-of-the-art facilities in Evansville, Indiana.

Below is a feature comparison chart to aid in selecting which product best suites your needs.



Style Design Availability
Bracket Stud Soap Dish No Soap Dish Vinyl Rim 6-pack


2445 20" x 17" Oval Self-rim Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, only
w/stud &
soap dish


2440 19" x 16" Oval Flat-rim No No Yes No N/A No


2435 19" Round Self-rim Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes


2430 18" Round Flat-rim No No Yes No N/A No
Orchid 2442 19" x 16" Oval Under-mount N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No