Bootz Celebrates World Plumbing Day March 11th

World Plumbing Day is an annually reoccurring internationally recognized event on March 11th, initiated by the World Plumbing Council, celebrating the importance of plumbing in the health and safety of modern society. On March 17th, 2011, The United States Senate passed the bipartisan Senate Resolution 100 designating March 11th as World Plumbing Day.

World Plumbing Day | March 11th Every Year

Bootz Industries is proud to take part in this celebration, offering a complete line of plumbingware fixtures including features consistent with the focus of World Plumbing Day. All Bootz products feature a sanitary high-gloss porcelain finish, promoting clean healthy kitchen and bath facilities. Bootz bathtubs promote safe bathing and showering with integral slip-resistant surface for sure footing. Mauicast, Bootzcast, Opalcast, SynIron and SynIron2 products feature advanced insulating materials, maximizing warm water duration to promote water heating efficiency.

Through proper product design, production, standards testing and certification, Bootz Industries is pleased to offer products in harmony with the goals of World Plumbing Day.