Bootz Announces New Distribution Center

Bootz Distribution CenterBootz Distribution Center (BDC)
The newest of three Evansville locations is a 100,000 sq.ft. distribution center located at 1600 First Avenue, Evansville,  Indiana. This most recent acquisition provides the space and logistic infrastructure required to meet the demands of the entire porcelain-on-steel market. Communication between sales, production, and shipping departments takes the form of daily face-to-face meetings, where order status and delivery requirements are discussed to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Bootz maintains a 100% fill rate;thereby, preventing backorders. The shipping department is held to a very high standard, ensuring all orders are shipped within two weeks. Teamwork is paramount to our success; all management and associates work together in an effort to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. From 1937 to the present, from bombs to bathtubs, Bootz continues advancing the tradition of innovative excellence.