Common Myth (rust)

SupportQuestion: I recently purchased and installed a new bathtub and now have small rust stains in the slip-resistant (bottom) surface. Why is my bathtub rusting, and how do I get rid of these rust stains?

Answer: What you see is “surface rust”. The fixture is not rusting, but foreign metallic particles trapped on the slip-resistant surface have oxidized and left a stain. The particles can be the result of hard water, drywall nails, cleaning tools and/or an unprotected bathtub during installation. As these materials are rinsed away, they can also gather around the drain giving the appearance of a rusting drain. These rust stains are known as “surface rust” because the particles stain the glossy porcelain surface.

To completely rid the bathtub of these stains (surface rust) and bring the finish back to the original glossy condition, use an oxalic-acid based cleanser (like Bar Keepers Friend or Zud), and a stiff nylon brush (not an abrasive scrub pad). Unlike many abrasive cleaning products, oxalic is a natural acid that is not harmful to skin or the environment, and works very well for household cleaning and especially well on oxidized (rusted) surfaces.



Q: Who do I contact with questions regarding my Bootz order?
A: With appropriate order information, call Bootz customer service (812) 423-5401.


Q: Where can I purchase a Bootz bathtub, shower base, lavatory, or kitchen sink?
    A: Bootz products are available at most large plumbing wholesalers and home improvement retailers nationwide.

Q: Can I purchase a Bootz product directly through you?
    A: See the Sales Reps page of this website and contact a sales agency in your area, if there is no Sales Rep in your area, contact us directly for purchasing details.

Q: How much can I expect to pay for a Bootz product?
    A: Consumer pricing information is published and furnished to wholesalers, and can be found on home improvement retailer websites.

Q: What are SynIron2 and BootzCast?
    A: Both are “The Affordable Alternative” to cast iron. They are lightweight, reduce noise, retain water temperature longer than other bathtub materials, and include integral molded leveling pads (make them easy to install). Weighing just 90 lbs., both are designed to improve handling and transportation costs. BootzCast also features a forty-degree lumbar support for more comfortable bathing.



Q: Should I inspect the product before installation?
    A: Yes! Inspection of the product is the buyer/installer's responsibility upon or before installation. This inspection will eliminate costly expenses associated with product replacement. Check for any obvious defects. A majority of problems occurring with Bootz fixtures are the result of careless handling and not from material or manufacturing defects. Damage to the formed steel and the porcelain enamel coating is the result of "walking" and/or dropping the fixture, or damage from dropped tools during installation. These damages are usually described as chips, shatters or crazes, and are the responsibility of the buyer or installer.

Q: What should I do in case of damage or a defect?
    A: If a defect or faulty workmanship is involved, contact the place of purchase, and a Bootz representative will adjust the matter fairly and promptly. However, under no circumstances are they obligated to allow claims for consequential damages such as neglect or mishandling during installation or for any labor or other expenses incurred. Bootz liability is limited to the purchase price of the products.

Q: Should I remove the styrofoam pad from the bottom?
    A: No. This pad serves as support, leveling, deadens noise, etc.



Q: How do I install my bathtub, shower base, lavatory, or kitchen sink?
    A: Carefully follow the installation instructions furnished on all Bootz product cartons.
    For bathtub and shower base products, we have created a video demonstrating installation best practices...


También en español...


Q: Are cut-out templates furnished with Bootz products?
    A: Yes. The lavatories and kitchen sinks are furnished with a cut-out template on the outside of the carton (with instructions). The bathtubs are furnished with a “Protect-O-Tub” cut-out to be dropped in the bottom of the sump during installation of the bathtub surround (tile, acrylic shower walls, etc.) to help prevent damage from dropped tools and other construction debris.

Q: I am missing mounting clips for my Bootz kitchen sink/lavatory. What should I do?
    A: Please call Bootz customer service (812) 423-5401 for prompt shipment (by USPS) of missing hardware.

Care and Cleaning

Q: I just installed my bathtub and I have rust developing. What should I do?
    A: All Bootz bathtubs are sprayed twice with a ground and finish coat, then fired twice between 1600 and 1800 degrees. During this process the porcelain (glass) is melted and formed into a smooth glossy finish. The chance of air and water penetrating the glass to reach the steel and forming rust is impossible, unless the glass layers have been damaged - dropped/mishandled during transportation and /or installation. Rust can also occur as a result of the bathtub or shower base being used as a catch-all during installation (nails, filings from pipes, drilling metal studs, steel wool) or as a clean-out (for paintbrushes, tiling tools, etc.) Use water, a stiff nylon brush, and one of two highly recommended cleaning products. Zud or Bar Keepers Friend. Both of these cleansers contain oxalic acid, which works best on rust (and other stains), bringing the slip-resistant material back to its original state without damage.


Q: What can I use to repair a chip?
    A: Porcelain-enamel chip repair kits are available at most major home improvement stores. The Porc-a-fix product line offers Bootz color-matched repair kits.

Porc-A-Fix by Fixture-Fix Porcelain Chip Fix by Homax Porcelain ChipFix by Armor Poxy Porcelain Touch-Up by Sheffield Porcelain Chip Fix by iGOE








Q: We might have been cleaning our bathtub and shower base with abrasive cleaners and scrub pads for the past few years, and now the slip-resistant surface is diminished. How can the slip-resistant surface be renewed?
    A: Like all Bootz bathing fixture surfaces, slip-resistant is also made from porcelain (glass) - milled granular to provide safe comfortable traction. The granular slip-resistant and smooth glossy finish are 'fired' together, ensuring complete bond, color, quality, durability and longevity. Over time, improper cleaning techniques (using abrasive cleaners and/or scrub pads) can wear-down the microscopic peaks of the porcelain (glass) slip-resistant; thereby, diminishing the anti-skid effect. Fortunately, there are a number of after-market products available to improve slip-resistance. Less expensive textured appliques, bath mats, etc., can provide low-cost temporary solutions. Longer lasting solutions are also available providing a superior value, preserving the sanitary nature of porcelain, and renewing slip-resistant safety. SlipDoctors offers a variety of easy-to-use DIY products to renew slip-resistant bathing surfaces -  apliques, coatings, and acid etching. Their products are highly recommended and available online (for single-use applications) and directly from SlipDoctors (bathtub & shower products). When using aftermarket slip-resistant products, remember all Bootz products are made of porcelain-on-steel, so you'll need a product designed for porcelain. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for safe and successful application.

SlipDoctors Bathtub & Shower Kit